Waiting for Spring(s)

The rest of the struts came today. Kind of weird that the fronts are compressed and the rears aren’t. I’m reusing a few things from old struts like bump stops, upper rubber and metal seats, and conical washers. I was going to reuse the lower spring seats but they were further gone than expected. Easy $20 for piece of mind. I’ll need to shave down the rear bump stops a tiny bit, about a 1/4", to get rid of some wear and probably not the worst idea with going lower. Springs, rear top hats, and a washer to make the 04 springs work with 03 struts should show up tomorrow. At a bit of a standstill until then although it hit me that I will probably need to get some camber bolts for the rear to get them in spec…

Illustration for article titled Waiting for Spring(s)
Illustration for article titled Waiting for Spring(s)

I have four of these tiny screwdrivers used for adjusting the struts themselves

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