Waiting for the cable guy [Update]

Some time between 1:00 am Sunday morning and about 9:00 am Sunday morning, our cable internet stopped working. Tech support on the phone can’t even see the modem, and my fear is that rats in the wall have chewed through the line. Cable guy is scheduled for 12:00-1:00, and rodent guy is scheduled between 1:00-3:00. My gut tells me this is going to be an expensive day. Add that to all the data I’ve burned these past two days, too. No, I don’t have unlimited data on my phone.

Update: Turns out that the rats have not chewed the line, and that the problem is with their junction box (or whatever it’s called) across the fence in the neighbor’s yard. Technician is going check out what’s going on with the box, and then run a new line to the house. And, since it’s their problem and not mine, I’m going to see if I can get a credit on my bill for all the data I’ve had to use.


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