Ordinarily I hate waiting a little.

But when they harass you with e-mails and text messages to say where it is and that it’s out for delivery and your slot is between 12:13-13:13.

It’s now 13:16UTC. I checked their tracker and the driver is on slot 37 and my slot is 65.

Yes, 65, sixty-five, vijfenzestig, fünfundsechzig, soixante-cinq, seasca a cúig, ...


What am I waiting for?

Teeling Single Grain whiskey.



Turns out after trying to contact them, I’m getting,

‘We’re sorry but we haven’t been able to locate the delivery address from the information provided by the sender.’


I phoned them up to ask what on earth that means, turns out the sender didn’t put a house number on the parcel, just the street name and post/zip code. So I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get my whiskey.


I hate incompetence. I work with incompetent people, I don’t expect to pay people for it to.