Just wanted to show off my new Salmon rig I spoiled my self with last week.



Went out saturday to scout and it was a total bust. Fuckers are still holding at about 150 feet down. We had some great weather last week and one was caught down at the pier. How ever it’s currently 90 degrees still and the surface temps of the lake are near 75. They wont be moving for another week most likely. I casted it for about an hour just to dial it in and get a feel for it. Let me tell you this is the darkest setup I’ve ever used let alone owned. Smooth casts and the rod feels great! I’m dying to see it in action. I didnt think I’d like the carbon Fiber handle but honestly they feel great. Best part is for some reason if you get em wet. They get grippier.


Rod: KastKing Krome 9'6 medium heavy fast action

Reel: Pflueger Supreme XT 40.

Line:20Lb powerpro

Weight: 1lb 0.7z