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Wake up call at 7:15 AM...

So, today was the first day that I’m DD’ing the E46 convertible, since my wife returned her leased car this past weekend, and we haven’t gotten the replacement yet. A little bit foggy and right around freezing as I left, so I’m driving gingerly, especially with my 15 month old son sleeping in the back seat.

As I’m slowing down to turn into my in-laws’ subdivision, I’m braking gently (!), and at least 2 wheels lock up at 20-25 MPH. OK, I was expecting it to be a bit slippery, but this is ridiculous. Not that dramatic, as there were no cars around, road was straight, etc., but still not what I was expecting.

After I dropped him off, I had the rear going sideways through 3 gears on that same stretch of road, because fun - and I don’t get many opportunities to do that in a 3,400 lb, 168 HP car...


Stay safe Oppo!

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