With the 5-day Wales meet less than 6 weeks away it’s time for us to start booking some places to stay. Who want to join us?

More details about the trip here:


March 26-30. Wales, UK. We’ll be driving a few hours of interesting roads a day and will include some other activities. We’ll book cottages to spend the night in (roughly 15 Pounds a night?), although some will opt for the luxury/privacy of a hotel instead. We’ll have 2 ‘hubs’, 2 nights each. One in Brecon Beacons national park and the other in Snowdonia national park.

Cottages/Hotels as we’ve planned them right now:

Cottage Monday-Wednesday: Tylau Lodge. Sleeps 12 max, £200 a night. Link.
Hotel suggestion Monday-Wednesday: The Roast Ox Inn. £60 a night for a twin room (maybe less for a single), breakfast included. Link or use a booking website.


Cottage Wednesday-Friday: Bryn Gwyn. Sleeps 12 (10 individual beds). £200 a night. Link.
Cottage backup/extra capacity Wed-Fri: Ty Llwyd. Sleeps 7 (6 individual beds). £86 a night. Link.
Hotel suggestion Wednesday-Friday: Y Pengwern. £60 a night for a double room (maybe less for a single), breakfast included. Link or use a booking website.

About the hotels: they should be booked individually. If you want to share a hotel room but have no one to share the room with, let us know below.

Why this Oppo post?

For those who’ve missed the email, who aren’t on the mailing list at all or as a reminder to the rest: we’d like to know who wants to stay at the cottages so we can book in time. You can decide to join us whenever you wish and book a hotel yourself, but we do need to know what kind of capacity we need for the cottages. There are dozens of people of the mailing list, so it’s hard to keep track of everyone without some kind of form.


So there’s a registration form below. I’d like to ask everyone who’s considering coming or who’ve previously shown interest but haven’t clearly stated they are not coming to take a minute and finish the questions. There are only 4 questions, the first being your name.