Walked into the set of amazon's Electric Dreams TV set, and they have cool cars

Well, I was coming home from work when I came across the set of Amazon’s Electric Dreams. Nobody told me to not take pictures, so enjoy the first exclusive pictures of the cars in the show, which includes an apocalyptic Prius. (Bryan Cranston, if you’re reading this, hi!)

Looks like some quality lead acid batteries on the roof. Center of gravity much?
This is Ohio Dayton area level rust here, but this usually appears on a Chevy Blazer.
Stands for Oman? Or some runner thing. I don’t known.
The toe seems to be really fucked in the rear wheel.
Hands down coolest Prius ever
Seems like the toe is quite off.
Lots of duct tape, especially covering the air bag and the seat.
Rear of the prius. didn’t get more, as finally a security person asked if I worked on the set. I said no
Kind of a better call Saul look.
I thought this was part of a weird Honda (or insert car manufacturer) commercial to shit on Chevy for making beige shit
They vinyled the whole fucking car.
Someone, find out what that weird QR code means.
This one is yellow.
This one was actually on complete with a person sleeping.
Another license plate.

Full disclosure: This was taken near 55th and Ellis in Chicago near UChicago. No one stopped me from taking pictures or approaching the vehicles. A person working on the set confirmed the name of the show and Amazon’s connection with said show.

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