After relying on a car for years, I've suddenly been thrown into a situation where I have no car. My new community sports an award winning bus system, but everything is close enough that my primary mode of transportation is my own two feet. I've decided to review this strange vehicle, firstly to provide excellent consumer advice, secondly to maybe get paid by Jalopnik, and thirdly (and most importantly) because I don't have any friends.

Let's get straight to business.


Varies. I've been told I have nice hair.


A strange thing — the more you walk, the better the interior becomes.

However, regular maintenance is required, as any slight damage can hinder the vehicle's performance. Even a routine visit to the mechanic can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Be prepared to shell out tons of cash, unless you live in Canada.



Acceleration is not great, to be honest.

If you choose to move swiftly, you are no longer walking; you're running. And since this review specifically covers walking, I won't go into that.



Stops on a dime!

No, literally, you can actually stop on a dime and pick it up, and then use it to buy a soda or something if this were 1950.



My favorite feature is that you can easily swap out the tires for less than $100 a pair. This becomes a problem, though, when people gain an obsession for new tires. They sometimes collect way more tires than they need. It get's expensive.

As for the actual suspension, it's very well built and articulate, but easily damaged if the shocks bend the wrong way. It would be nice if this were updated in the next model refresh.



It's a CVT.

Totally un-Jalop.



Overall Value

All in all, walking isn't so bad. It's slower than driving or using public transportation, but it's much easier. And by "much easier", I mean it's incredibly easy. You don't even have to think about it! I guess humans have been walking so long that it's almost... instinctual.


So, would I recommend this vehicle to friends?

Yes, yes I would.