I’ve talked before about my local Walmart.

Yesterday my wife was home sick from work and her comfort food is Stouffer’s Mac N Cheese so I stopped by Walmart yesterday on the ride home. It’s on the way.

As I parked the car, I was directly across the sidewalk from a very nice Garnet Red NB Miata with a tan roof and interior. Like this, and almost as shiny:

Well, a tall, thin guy dressed like an “Old Jeep Guy” - think Indiana Jones with a Land’s End windbreaker instead of leather jacket - gets in. He set his bag on the passenger seat, grabbed something out of it, opened it, peeled the seal off, and took a big gulp. As I walked past, I saw it was caramel syrup.

Then, because I had three items, I decided to use self-checkout. At one of the self-check registers there was a stoner couple who was clearly very high. They had a cart full of groceries. They were moving so slowly and seemed so confused. The talking register alternated between “unexpected item in bagging area” and “Please place your item in bagging area” about every other scan.

If I had an extra hour I’d have gone into the Subway and watched.