Last week I bought a smart light bulb, and it rang up at the wrong price. They overrode the price at the register and I left more-or-less satisfied. Today I decided I wanted a couple more of those bulbs so I went back, against my better judgment. I had to pay for them in electronics,unlike last week, and was having a decent conversation with the cashier (he’s also into vintage stereo equipment) and forgot to double-check the price. I also forgot to take my phone with me so I could take a picture of the price tag, knowing that I was probably going to have the same problem.

I realized that I overpaid about 5 minutes later. I went back to electronics but they couldn’t do any returns. So I went up front to customer (dis)service. The line was snaking out of the department and there was only one person working. After about 45 minutes I finally get to the front, and this was about the same time that an assistant manager finally came over to speed (ha!) things up a little. I explained my situation, and that I had the same problem last week. The CS person talked to the asst. manager, and the manager basically told her that I was wrong and that I must have read the wrong price tag. I tried to explain the situation from last week, and that I did read the tag and verified the number on the item. With a big sigh she finally relented and allowed the agent to refund the difference, repeating to her CS person that I was wrong, like I was trying to pull a fast one on them.


Fuck you, Walmart. Fuck your lousy customer service. Fuck your mispriced items. Just fuck off and die. The sooner they go out of business the better.