Now that I have my Jeep back, just in time for Memorial Day weekend, I decided to take a drive. I threw some clothes into a waterproof bag (no top, no doors, fair bit of rain this weekend) and started south with no firm destination in mind.

I really, genuinely regret not having a dash cam. Driving through Brown County in southern Indiana, there were several classic cars out cruising. My second-favorite sighting was an antique flatbed truck hauling an antique sedan. Combined age had to be over 100 years.

My favorite was of course this Jeep Truck, possibly my first ever (barring the Toledo Jeep Fest).


Not a fan of the low rider look, but that’s a solvable problem.

One random observation, while I’m here: Toyota, I continue to be unimpressed with the 4Runner. Not because the current generation is bloated (which it is) but because you, and a disconcerting majority of your customers, are under the mistaken impression that silver is a color.

Tomorrow I’ll go exploring Yellowwood and environs. I’ll probably hit one of my my favorite sunset photo spots to see if I can add to my collection. And mostly I’ll celebrate good music and slow driving and wide open Jeepiness.

Taken a couple of years ago. I made sure to thank one of these guys later for being in the right spot at the right time.
Photo: The author

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