Yesterday afternoon I got a call at work from our alarm company.. Seems someone decided to kick our front door in to see what they could take.

Wankers let our chocolate lab out of her crate, took an ipad (which has been bricked now), and emptied the drawers of a table by the door.. ended up with a set of Forester keys and a set of RV keys from our travel trailer.

I got there before the security company, and stood out front with my neighbours. Security got there and cleared the house, then RCMP arrived and we all went through the house.

They ripped the doorbell and the thermostat off the wall thinking it would stop the alarm, left glove prints on everything, and managed to hit two other houses on our street.


The worst is the Subaru keys.. car is being parked in the garage with a club on until the dealer can reprogram a set of new keys for it. RV is going in for a re-key later this week.

We got off light, no one was hurt, and everything was covered.. still sucks balls.