Wanna make sure you have plenty of comments to sort through

Take a stab at people who complain about flying.

Good times ensue. Look I’d like better seats, with more legroom and all the accoutrements of yesteryear back too (where are my clip-on wings dammit!)...but what cost are you willing to ascribe to those things? The market says “cheap” and so we get “cheap” flying. Frankly I still find the idea of ripping the air a new one in a pressurized, air conditioned, crap on board capable metal tube 6 miles high is still pretty amazing and especially when you factor in the price of a ticket.


Even then you certainly have the choice to pay for many of the things we’ve lost in the race to the bottom as well.

I also realize your mileage may vary but I’m not ever uncomfortable on a flight. The seats aren’t great, and it’s no ones idea of a pleasure cruise but its far from the worst way to get from A-B.

Its safe, its cheap, its reliable in its base form and its everything you want it to be if you are willing to pay what it takes. Maybe I have low standards of comfort? I don’t know. I love flying.

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