If you dont mind your NSX having gone through a tank of gas before purchase then you can enjoy $20,000 off MSRP. Honda, when your polarizing little FWD economy car (with a 4-cyl engine making the same amount of power as the 4-popper that Jaguar is treating as a base engine at the same price point), can command over a 40% markup while your technological powerhouse of a supercar β€” with performance that completely decimates any other production car the company has ever built β€” is being discounted really makes me wonder if horses just arent for Hondas.

I mean seriously Oppo, have you heard about how fast the Civic Sport is?!! NSX does sub-3 seconds to 60 mph but it’s the slowest sub-3 seconds ever. Go back to Ohio ya Japanaese piece of junk! Leave me a 180 hp Honda Fit CRX on your way out. You know, a real performance car!! Id pay $35,000 for that (as long as MSRP was no higher than $22,000).