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I have wanted a Donkervoort for a while now. Even more so since they made the D8 GTO because I want my GTO stable. But we don’t get those in the US because we aren’t free the government thinks cars not made to their arbitrary safety specifications are going to immediately kill you. Now on that note we do have a 25 year import rule allowing old cars in because they are safer time. Anywhos it what’s it now, being 25 also means MY 1991 are allowed in and that means this lovely pre owned 1991 Donkervoort S8AT is avaliable for import. Powered by a decent turbocharged 2.0L Ford I4 it makes 170bhp and 170 ft-lbs, 0-60 4.8 sec, and a 137 mph top speed. Those are pretty good specs for a car from then.


Donkervoort started making cars in 1978 in the Netherlands. To me they mix the Lotus 7 handling, Morgan style interior, and a dash of hardcore. As you know in Joop Donkervoort’s motto, ““No Compromise” – means driving without any electronic aids such as ABS, Electronic stability program, or power steering.” So a very visceral driving experience. I very much want one of these. I very much would like to purchase this lovely little car and buzz around Europe for a few months seeing the sights, meeting and seeing friends I have made over there, and just overall enjoy the car in its intended habitat before shipping it home.

Now for the vehicle:

Donkervoort S8AT 1991


I would sell every possession (minus my computer, phone, and DSLR) to be able to make this trip and buy and ship this vehicle. Would you do such a thing?


PS: Donkervoort Video

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