Want of the Day

Reading the “what car should you buy” today got me thinking. A little sub $5k pickup would be handy to have. So naturally, I jump on CL. The link Tom found actually fits the bill well. 4x4 would be nice, but I’ll honestly never use it. I think resale would be higher with AWD though.


But, I also really want a Vespa. Found a few late model 300cc scooters in the $4-5K range. I now work 9 miles on surface streets from home so a 70+ mph scooter would be hilarious for commuting.


I don’t neeeed either vehicle but I think both would be useful for totally different reasons. I don’t really want to shuffle 3 cars again. That’s why I sold my Miata. The Vespa could fit in the garage next to the other red Italian. The truck would be a great errand vehicle and I could use it to hit cool new paddle spots and bike trails.


Which you you rather have, OPPO? Another option would be a cheaper 150 cc or smaller Vespa AND a truck. My friends might have an intervention at that point though haha.

Happy almost Friday!

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