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Yesterday some one posted a car from Boston CL(it was OPPOsaurus) which lead to me searching Boston Cl. and man are there plenty of cool cars. This one is actually in Rhode Island.

A 1971 Toyota Corona Mark II Wagon, with the old 20R (these had 5 different engines, none of which were a 20r, but I think this would have had a 3R) swapped out in favor of a 1990 22R, which I’m assuming came out of a pickup.


That swap means, better parts availability, about 20 more HP, and a lot more torque. Looks like the cooling has been upgraded with an electric fan as well, as I’m guessing this would have had a clutch fan originally.


It’s been lowered on 16" wheel and I think it looks the business. Speaking of business this car had a 5 speed manual trans, as it should. Altho I don’t see a third pedal so that’s ... weird.


the car is very clean. also Much glass, such window, very Can see things.

the door jams are Red so it has been repainted at some point.


They are asking 3900 for it, and if I had the cash I’d ask my Dad to go check it out for me.

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