With so many cars to work on at home, apparently my reaction to that is wanting to buy another. Also, with a friend buying an off-road toy, the SO wants to buy one too... Oh boy.

That... actually looks like a good price

So I’ll start with the two that George is eyeing because... well they’re probably more interesting to you guys (and gals).


What he really wants is a ZJ Limited in white with the 4.0L engine. I wonder why....

That said, trolling our local Craigslist turned up a sweet looking 1991 Cherokee Briarwood for a seemingly reasonable $2,400.

The paint needs work and there is no mention of if the AC is working (I assume it isn’t) but it looks pretty sweet otherwise...


Second want comes in the form of a 1993 Jeep Cherokee. This one is special becuase it is a 2-door, 5-speed, and only $1700. The price is so reasonable because... well in the seller’s own words:

“Runs crappy. Don’t know what’s wrong with it. Don’t have time or money to fix. Great vehicle, just needs work.”


So yeah. I’ve seen enough of David Tracey’s stuff to know that while that could be something super simple, it could be a cracked block or blown head. Still... even with that my understanding is this spec is pretty desirable and would could even make some money on it...


What I am eyeing

After reading Dr. Zoidberg’s thread about his IS being sort of an expensive gas pig, paraphrased, I suddenly reaized that I have four cars, three of which take premium, none of which get over 30 MPG.


For some reason this has led me to want a super efficient car... for the lulz. My requirements were thus:

  • Liquid fuel, preferably diesel or gasoline
  • Manual transmission
  • Something I like
  • Under $4,000

Lazy research got me to:

Honda CRX


I’ve always liked these. Quick search of craigslist shows none even remotely clean in my area. I set up a search alert but I am not holding my breath.

Allegedly these get 47MPG on the highway... but I’m also not holding my breath on that one. Still... could be fun...


Honda Insight, 1st Gen


I loved these when they came out. I actually “test drove” one when I was 15 and thought it was coooool. That said, I’ve heard the battery packs are problematic and I assume the MPG estimates are overrated. I’ve also set up a search alert for these.

1st or 2nd gen Golf, Diesel


Not really my style... but I also kinda like them. Also I’ve been wanting to try my hand maintaining a diesel and this seems like a good place to start. Also I’d bet this would be enough to get George to start driving stick....

What do you guys think?

What would make a cool econobox? Should we take a chance on one of those Cherokees?

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