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Want to Buy Jenson Button's F1 Car?

First, for those Jalops living in the US, this Ebay listing is in the UK. However, for our petrol-heads across the pond you can own a real F1 car driven by Jenson Button for only 75,000 GBP. Now before you scream "NICE PRICE," this car does not have an engine. It does have pretty much everything else that makes an F1 car.

Offered for sale is this ex Jenson Button Honda RA106-4 2006 F1 race car.This car does not currently have an engine fitted. It does come with the correct DCT gearbox however.This superb Honda RA106 utilises the moulded carbon monocoque chassis that was driven by Jenson Button.

This actual car finished third in the 2006 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, Kuala Lumpur, fourth in the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix at Sakhir, sixth in the Spanish GP at the Circuito de Catalunya, Barcelona, seventh in the San Marino GP at Imola, 10th in the Australian GP at Albert Park, Melbourne and 11th in the year's Monaco GP at Monte Carlo. Jenson Button also failed to finish with the car at both the Nurburgring and at Silverstone.

Thereafter, chassis 'RA106-4' was retired from front-line race team duties and was employed instead as a full-scale wind tunnel test car.

During the season Honda development was typically multi-tiered and hectic. Many new features were introduced during the later-season races. Most positively, the cars which eventually won the Hungarian Grand Prix included new features. Having set aside three previous nose designs, the team reverted for the Hungaroring to their Imola version, with a mild spoon shaped centre section. Revised geometry was applied to the Imola-introduced suspension system. New side-pod fins first seen at Monaco returned together with what were nicknamed 'fox ears' as run at Imola on the sides of the cockpit. A new rear body section that had been notably narrower in its lower area was replaced and the rear wing end-plates modified. At Budapest Honda opted for soft tyres with a construction identical to those used by Renault at the rear, while a variety of different types were tried at the front.

This Honda RA106 is finished in contemporary 'Lucky Strike' livery and is superbly detailed.

As an ex Jenson Button car that has scored World Championship Points, this 2.4 V8 era F1 car can only go up in value. If an engine could be obtained, the lucky owner of this piece of F1 history could be expected to be invited to some of the more prestigious Motor Sport events such a Goodwood, Silvertsone and Spa.

The car is a rolling chassis. It comes with a DCT gearbox, but no engine, steering wheel or electrics.


So if you are a UK Jalop with a boat-load of quid (did I use that right? I learned it from Top Gear) laying around, this could be your chance to own a real-deal F1 machine.

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