Want to help the environment? (Update: Thanks!)

And, admittedly help me, too? Mostly, this is an information share because I don’t think this company gets enough press for what they’re trying to do.

I’ve actually been looking into this for a while, but I had signed on with an energy supplier that wasn’t supported, so I had to wait for my contract to run out. The company is Arcadia Power. They’re not a power company, per se, but they sort of take over your billing for electricity, negotiate with the power company, and purchase Renewable Energy Certificates, or RECs, that support growth in renewable energy production. Here’s a pretty good breakdown. So even though my power in Ohio is pretty much all fossil fuel, I get to exchange a part of what I pay, through Arcadia, to support wind power.


There are two tiers to the program. The first is free to you. Like, literally costs you no more than you currently pay, and they ensure that at least 50% of the electricity you use comes from wind generated sources. Ok, so it might not be THE electricity you use, but an equivalent amount is paid for, which helps the production grow. The second tier, which will cost you $0.015 more per kWh you use, switches you to 100% wind energy. It’s a bit more expensive, but might be worth it depending on how you feel about the environmental impact of such things. I won’t judge. But look at it this way, sign up for the free program, and it will cost you nothing to support renewable energy, job creation, and general good will. This second tier, which they hope to entice most people into, is how they make their money. I see it as a way to expand renewable energy in a market that has become severely unfavorable. I know, I go off, buy an electric car, and get all green on you. On the upside, you have nothing to lose, and if nothing else it will extend the reserves of fossil fuels for our cars a little longer.

One other perk, which I haven’t been able to take advantage of yet since they take some time to transfer things over, is the price alerts. They look at your rate, and all the rates of optional suppliers (if you’re in a state like Ohio where you can choose your provider) and try to get you the lowest rate any time they can. It’s really a win/win.

So if you sign up and use my referral link here, then we both get some scratch off our next power bill, help the environment a bit, and if I can get 10 people total to sign up, they’ll give me $1000, which I assume is applied to my power bill, but which will allow me to insulate my attic because it severely needs it. If you don’t want to use the link, that’s fine, too, but I think this is a great program that might just help out the stalled renewable energy market to grow. Do it for the planet!

Also, there’s not contract here, so give it a shot and if you don’t like it, cancel. You will need your login to your power company that you’d use to see your bill, but it’s a really easy process. And even if you rent, you can sign up. Basically, if you pay an electric bill, you’re probably eligible.


(Update) Some people joined up, and I think that’s awesome! I know a bunch of people are in states better utilizing renewables, but mine is not one of them. If you’re also in one of those states that isn’t committed or geographically inclined, please consider this as a way to move towards a future that looks like Star Trek, because that’s all I really want....

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