Come to The Cigar Lounge and leave Opposite Lock for cars. There are a couple of rules, though.

First, just like with Opposite Lock, DON’T BE A DICK. You’re most likely over the age of 12, so you know how a dick acts. Don’t act like that.

Second, be prepared for CIVIL AND COURTEOUS discussion to points and counterpoints. Just like in a real cigar lounge, ideas/views are examined, challenged, and argued in a friendly manner. If an impass is reached and neither side yields, you simply agree to disagree and toast a cyber (or real) Scotch with each other. No pissyness.

Third, if you want authorship, ask or respond to one of my comments. I’ll give it to you. It doesn’t matter your gender, sexual preference, political affiliation, or any other protected class designation. We hang.

Punch and pie.