Welcome to Want Wednesday, where I talk about a car that I want. Simple enough, right? Today I want a Honda Fit with the Civic Type R powertrain.

The Fit uses the 1.5l L15B Earth Dreams engine. The Civic Type R uses the 2.0l K20C1 Turbo engine. Both are available with a 6-speed manual, but for purpose of this discussion, I’d like to take both the engine and transmission from the Type R, and put them in the Fit.

But why? Why not just get a Civic Type R, and still have the hatch and the FWD and the good packaging and a warranty? Probably for a much lower price? Because, my friends, the Type R is woefully inferior in key areas.

For one, it weighs just over 3,000 pounds! That’s practically heavy enough to sink into the road. The Fit weighs less that 2,600 pounds. Even with the big 2.0T, it will weigh way less than the fat Civic.

But the most egregious in the Civic’s failings is the middle back seat.



The Fit has 5 (FIVE!!) cupholders within reach of the driver, and an actual rear bench seat too, not this dual-bucket-seat-with-some-cupholders nonsense.

So we’re going to put the Type R’s engine, its only redeeming feature, in the Honda Fit, a car whose engine is its only disappointing feature.


You understand now, no? I Want a Fit Type R. The Fit only makes 130 horsepower, but everything else about it is great. The Civic makes over 300 horsepower, but that’s pretty much the best thing you can say for it.

Just look at the thing!


It’s got the fake vents we all complain about, and a picnic table of a wing. Worst of all is the ground clearance. It’s practically an SUV! The fact that Honda put 20" wheels on a Civic is just silly. It’s trying waaay too hard.

So let’s do the world a favor and put the Type R engine in the Fit. I’m sure it will Fit. I want it.