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Wanted: A Soundtrack for The Great American Road Trip.

This weekend’s road trip sees me finally returning to my ancestral homelands of shrimp cocktail, direct-to-your-door strippers, & UFOs: Las Vegas!

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However, it’s almost 1,500 miles. Towing a trailer. Hauling my dog & assorted cats who hate being locked up, and will certainly turn my truck into a rolling hell as they fill the cab with screams & farts. As excited as I am to finally return home, I’m not looking forward to this exhausting-ass trip.


So, that’s where you come in! Yes you, dear readers! I need some tunes for this road trip, and I want your suggestions!

What tunes do you recommend? What works for you to pass the time & stay upbeat/awake? I’ve got hours & hours of driving ahead and want suggestions for my road trip playlist. Granted now, please understand that I will already have a cacophony of angry pets, so a 10-hour loop of screaming goats will not be listened its entirety.


But take note, I still want to know your music choices. There is no restruction on genre. Country, rap, folk, kawaito, dance, metal, pop, Brit pop, blues, alternative, southern rock, whatever. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be in English. There is almost nothing I don’t listen to. They can be sad songs, happy songs, political, etc. You can also choose a theme. Vegas, Texas, the states I pass through, a mood, or even a theme that’s has a deeper meaning. It can even be a cover of a song, I don’t care. The only requirement is that it actually has to be something YOU yourself would listen to on your own road trip. You. So if you wouldn’t actually listen to kids bop covers of Rebecca Black, then it’s not a serious submission. Once this whole pilgrimage is over, I’ll try and compose a list of what all we have.

I want to know what’s in your play lists so that I can put them to the test on that great American past time of driving great distances; the road trip! 

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