Costco is having a sale, but it ends tomorrow. I wanted to go yesterday after work, but my boss asked me to stay an extra 4.5 hours; one person is on vacation and another one called off because of problems with her leg (if she wasn’t 350+ pounds she might not have so much trouble walking...) I finally left at 9:00 even though he wanted me to stay until 10:00 because I had to get to the pharmacy before they closed knowing I wouldn’t be able to go Saturday or Sunday. I also had a computer sitting on my porch that I should have been home to receive and I didn’t want someone stealing it. On top of all that, for two hours I had to listen to a coworker constantly whine about having to take his lunch only two hours after he got to work. Boo fucking hoo and STFU. I’m sick, weak, tired, haven’t had a break and IDGAF about his petty problems, especially when he’s the type to take several meal breaks in an 8 hour shift. At least on Saturday and Sunday he’s off and I get a break from him...


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