Wanting To Top The Emotional Support Peacock, Spirit Has A Passenger To Flush A Hamster..

Okay...so this one isn’t as crazy as the Peacock one, but really; flush the animal down a toilet? Aside from unnecessary animal abuse, wouldn’t this completely screw up the plumbing? The animal is super tiny, just let her fly with the hamster.

And for the girl, give the animal to a kid or a family departing a flight? You didn’t need to drown it...


In case of Kinja.

Side note (separate from this story): I think people would take Emotional Support Animals more seriously if it weren’t so crazy easy to certify literally any animal as an ESA. They don’t have to meet really any of the requirements and training a service animal would.

Sometimes all it takes is a doctor saying that an animal can help the person’s emotions be stable...And sometimes you don’t even have to visit a doctor to get the letter. This is how you get emotional support Peacocks and other weird animals with no real proof that they’re actually necessary.

The ADA should probably eventually put some base level groundwork for ESAs so people with less than great intentions don’t abuse the system and ruin it for people with real issues.


Edit: Updated title for less click-bait.

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