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wao pepple

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Nothing but dicks on the road today. Got behind a guy in a red mustang with out of state plates. Was going about 10mph through the neighborhood so I figured he was looking for house numbers, after a couple blocks I pull around and pass him - HE SWERVES TOWARDS ME AND LAYS ON THE HORN.


I flip him the bird. I don’t do this often. Last time, about two years ago. You have to be a major jackass to get the bird. So he starts following me now (suddenly he’s not going 10mph anymore) after I make a right turn on another road, and he follows, I let off the gas and coast down, and wave him past with a sarcastically exaggerated motion - he passes and I see there’s a woman in the passenger seat who has already had enough of this shit. I cut a left and go on my way.

But here’s the thing, after this happens I remember that before I got behind him, there was a car between me and him. When this car turned on their blinker to make a right, he made a right without his blinker - then this car went straight and didn’t end up making a right. Which left me directly behind. I think he was intentionally just being a dick to people (he was about 10mph through all of this until I passed him). He obviously wasn’t actually looking for an address or a place to park.


Then like ten minutes later, I’m leaving a parking lot. There’s a woman stopped in the parking lot exit, in the lane with the left turn arrow. I pull alongside in the lane with the right turn arrow, because I’m going to turn right. Suddenly, without any blinker, she turns right across my nose and honks. WTF? Is it really this fucking hard to make a right turn? Why the fuck are you in the left turn lane, making a right turn?

They must’ve been handing out free A-hole pills today.

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