"warehouse" version 3.0

Halfway done. This space utilization stuff is my herion.

Version 1, aka my predecessor’s work. This was AFTER I removed half of the crap in there....
Version 2, after almost dying in the box pile above multiple times
Version 3. Matching shelves will go along the other wall, and a third row will go in the middle leaving two sepperate lanes for grabbing/storing as needed.

Another storage unit of this size would run $400ish a month, sk I’ve got a decently bigly budget to work with assuming I can make things work without buying another unit this year. Might have to cut out the metal brace on the wall though to make this work the way I want it.... Those extra two inches are vital.

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again. These shelving units are skookum as frig. 9000lb capacity, 230lbs each assembled. They feel good. Currently on sale at Home Depot under the Husky brand, but I’ve seen them everywhere, rebranded.

I’ve got two storage units. This one will need to hold all of the wreaths and garland, which.... Is going to be a challenge. Still unsure how I’m going to do that in a way that allows for easy qccess

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