The story I’m about to tell you is a warning to all who are looking for a great opportunity. It’s a warning to everyone working awful jobs and are looking for something better. It’s a warning to anyone looking for a job involving cars.

Two months ago, a member of my area’s car community mentioned this awesome business in which you’ll made $600+ per week and own your own business in just six months. He said all I’d be doing is standing outside talking to people, and that I’d make tons of money regardless if I’d sell anything or not.

Thinking it was too good to be true, I responded to a poorly worded CraigsList ad and applied for their customer service position. The ad claimed I’d be working “Automotive Events”, daytime hours, and I’d be pulling $800 per week. To add delicious icing to the cake, they littered the ad with photos of women who lost their clothes and were leaning against rather dated looking stock cars plus old men caressing trophies...seems legit, right?

It took me nearly two weeks to respond back to them after they contacted me, but I was given a next day interview regardless.

When I arrived at the location, I parked into a parking lot filled with wrecks on their last legs and a couple brand spankin’ new economy cars of the most beige proportions. I thought, “for a company that supposedly paid so much money, their employees clearly don’t spend it on their cars.” When I walked inside, this worry was eased as I entered a well furnished office with two very pretty and excited receptionists who set me up in a jiffy.


Fifteen minutes later I found myself talking to the Assistant Manager. This rather unprofessional looking fellow explained how I’ll be making $35,000 a year just coming into work everyday, how I’d be making $900 a week, and how I’ll be owning my own business in just six months. He said I’ll be going around the area, promoting breast cancer awareness at car events around the state. He explained every detail down to the letter, so I went ahead and scheduled a second interview.

The second interview took place on the “Field”, which I originally thought was going to be a track, but was actually just a petrol station surrounding the immediate area around the office. Here, I was introduced to the guy who would become my Leader. He told me that they would come out around noon, sell Fast Wax, then return around six. He explained that basically all they do is talk to people and get paid regardless if they sell anything or not. He apparently made $35,000 in just three months...It sounded darn easy, so I went straight to the third interview, where I talked to the “owner”...

The owner explained to me that I’d actually be making $400 a week plus 25% commission, which was less than what everyone else was talking about, but still much better than my food service job before. So I took the job...the only red flag being that he wanted me to quit my other job on the spot, without any notice...If only I knew what I was really getting into...


What REALLY happens is that you’ll stand at a petrol station for ten hours under the hot sun, freezing snow, or beating rain selling car wax off a table. You’ll work six days a week from five in the morning to seven at night. You’ll be making people pay nearly twice of what the product is actually worth. The entire price structure is a total lie. You’ll have no energy, you’ll have no free time, and kiss your social life goodbye.

If you’re not good at lying, cheating, and stealing, it will be hard for you to sell more than ten cans. But no worries because you make a base rate plus that commission right? WRONG!


In fact, you make the base rate OR the commission, whatever is higher. Oh, and don’t even dare take a day off or come in too late because you’ll lose the option for the base rate...hope you sold a lot this pay period...The worst is the brainwashing. Every morning the Leaders will attempt to fill your head with hopes and dreams of becoming an owner in six months or less. They will play an old conference call once a week. In that call, Larry Tanenbaum will tell you how easy it will be to own your own business. They will try to keep you from quitting by telling you that tough times don’t last, but tough people do. They will try to teach you a system that doesn’t work. They will force you to be happy. They will tell you how you are NOT a salesman whatsoever, and that sales are only 1% of the business...

If I’m not a damn salesman, then why the heck do I have to stand at a dino juice station for ten hours a day...selling wax?? They feed you lies to try to keep you from quitting. They promised high pay to get you in, then promised frequent promotions to keep you in...Then they make you work over 12 hours a day so you don’t get much of a chance to find another job so you can quit...

Truth is, it will take you on average of three years to become an owner, not six months. Your checks will be more like $200-$400 a week, not $600-$1,000. Oh and if you don’t sell enough cans? You’ll be fired. So much for making money even if you don’t sell anything...


Don’t believe the brainwashing, stay away from any local business promoting FW1.

On the bright side, at least RGS Labs sells a good product (FW1 is actually pretty cool) and they’ve donated $500,000 to the cause of Breast Cancer already, if only the distribution were as honest.

You know what they say, If your business structure looks like a pyramid...

Update: September 2015 (Two Years Later)

My local FW1 office changes locations every six months. The reason is simple: When you claim your products last six months, eventually you just run out of interested people to sell to. I’m beginning to question if RGS Labs even donates to Breast Cancer research. You’d think that with all of their heavy donating, you’d hear some recognition for them...


The local office (Chi-Town Connections) keeps on making professional job postings on websites all over Chicagoland. I even see their teams fairly regularly. DO NOT reply, keep on going.

Also, check out the comments below! It’s funny to see that in a write-up written back in 2013, people still get offended enough to comment. These people are more deluded than the shills for Vemma. $104,000 a year selling car wax? Oh come on, at least make yourself sound believable. One of my ex-friends is still waiting for that BMW from Vemma. Shame that it’s never going to come.

Also, this is now the top hit on Google for FW1 Scam...


Update: February 2017

** I apologize for the awkward and/or offensive wording appearing in this story. The XKCD Substitutions browser extension will sometimes change typed words upon editing a Kinja post. I regret the error and have edited the words back to their originals. **

I’ve also been able to confirm that the parent company, RGS Labs, actually is truthful and does donate 50 cents of every can to Breast Cancer research.


The caveat in this is that a good intention still does not make lies and deception okay. FW1 still runs rampant around Chicago and the company still ruins the lives of employees. Nothing has changed since I left.

One final thought for this update. I’ve had folks tell me that FW1 is the only product they’ll ever use on their car. Why would you do that? Aren’t you aware that by never ever washing the underbody of your car or truck, you’re just asking for catastrophic rust as it ages? FW1 doesn’t just magically stop that from happening.

Watch out and be safe everyone.