If the Demon is only available with an automatic, who cares? Admittedly, I find everything about these cars to be mind-numbingly boring. I’m as interested in a street legal drag racer as I am in a Camry. It appeals to me in absolutely no way whatsoever.

What is lost by not having a manual? I mean, manuals are fun because they let you wring out engines, choose what gear to be in, downshift, etc. None of these things are things that this car is intended to do. It’s literally car designed to go from one point to the other in a straight line very fast. Its transmission has one job: hit redline, go up a gear. And we’re at the point where automatics can move through gears faster than a person can anyway, so who cares if there’s no manual? I mean, if you want a manual, that’s great and you’re doing God’s work, but then why would you buy a Demon? I mean, you’re already making a ton of sacrifices for a car that does exactly one thing very well. Why should it surprise anyone a manual wouldn’t be an option?