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So working for a dealership we see a multitude of pricing and payments going on for vehicle repairs. Like customer pay, warranty, extended warranty, insurance, and my personal favorite goodwill warranty. That last one bothers me so very much. It basically goes,

Advisor: “The estimate for this repair after finding out what is wrong with your car will be $xxx.”


Customer (with a car 2 years and 30k miles out of warranty): “That is ridiculous. I shouldn’t have to pay that much. Why isn’t that covered under my warranty? I can’t believe something like that would cost so much!”

And then the advisor goes on to call their manufacture rep and see if they can get partial or all of the repair covered because a “good” customer is too cheap to fix their car. This just doesn’t sit well with me at all. I can’t understand people’s mind set on complaining on broken parts on their car costing too much money so that way someone else will pay for it or give them a discount. For example if something with my house (built in 1945) went bad, I wouldn’t call the builder, or the previous owner and complain that this is their fault and they should help pay for it because it is more than I want to spend. I would personally suck it up and pay for it, if it wasn’t and emergency I would wait and save up to fix it, or learn to repair it my self. Which I do, do. Because with my car I know I am out of warranty after 10 years, but only 40k miles.

Applicable Warranties Valid warranties are highlighted
Valid Description Start Date Effective Odometer End Date End Odometer
Emission Select State Component Ltd Wty 03/13/2006 166 MI 03/13/2013 70,166 MI
Bumper to Bumper Limited Warranty 03/13/2006 166 MI 03/13/2009 36,166 MI
Emission Limited Warranty 03/13/2006 166 MI 03/13/2009 50,166 MI
Emission Select Component Ltd Wty 03/13/2006 166 MI 03/13/2014 80,166 MI
Corrosion Limited Warranty 03/13/2006 166 MI 03/13/2012 100,166 MI

Yet when my A/C goes out, when my paint cracks, when my slave cylinder leaks, or anything else my only complaint is that it will be tough to afford all of this happening at the same time, but I suck it up and fix what I can and have a tech a work do it and I pay for it. I just can’t imagine having the mindset that a car isn’t a wearable commodity. It is going to break down. It is going to have problems. WELCOME TO VEHICULAR OWNERSHIP.


Radio in question (I believe)

Illustration for article titled Warranty

What brings on this rant? Good question eventual commenter. In my shop we have 2011 Subaru Outback. Generally a good car especially since it has the wonderful 3.6R motor. Unfortunately at 5 years old and 104K+ miles later, the warranty won’t cover their radio that has gone bork. I did a quick check and their warranty expired 04/14/2014 and 36k miles. Subaru with radios is very VERY strict with radios and the 36k mile cut off. So when my advisor keeps asking about pricing for the radio it ticks me off. Customer pay pricing is steep at $1720.02 for just the radio. That is a reman exchange radio, but a new one if it were still available would have been in excess of $2100. Why should Subaru have to cover any of this? Why can’t people just say no? No I am sorry, you warranty doesn’t cover that. I can suggest a lovely company in town who will put an aftermarket radio in for you. But I got the call to order it cause Subaru is going to cover a portion of it.... YAY!!!

My only advice to you people is COMPLAIN COMPLAIN COMPLAIN!!!

If you are loud enough the pearly gates will open for you, a red carpet will unroll at your feat, and everything will be handed to you. Also apparently never take no for an answer.


*EDIT* This particular customer has only one previous repair order written for them. It was 2 weeks ago for a fog lamp (free) and an intermentant problem with the steering wheel switches.

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