Raise your hand if you have ever recieved a telephone call warning you about your vehicle warranty.

OK, that makes all of you. Now, how many time have they called with specific information about you or your vehicle?

That’s what I thought. Most of the time I get calls at the house about vehicle warranty, it’s no different than someone trying to sell you carpet cleaning, a new roof, or Brooklyn Swampland.

They are now getting smarter. Check this out.

This was addressed to Mrs McMike, who only has about 1,500 miles on her 2015 Accord.


Very sneaky, Auto Service Agency, very sneaky. Just look at all those offical warnings. Sounds serious, doesn’t it?

I especially like the bit on the front that it warning you there is possible punishment up to a $5000 fine or up to 5 years imprisonment, or both...... if you interfere with the United States Postal Service.


My BIG question is - Who’s responsible for sharing this data (name/address/year/brand/model) with these people?

  • DMV
  • Honda USA
  • Honda Dealership
  • Honda Financing
  • My Insurance Company

I can’t think of anyone else who knows about this vehicle. Who do you think it was?