My wife is working overtime this morning. I mentioned before About Meepster’s Italian wiring. So today I’m at the CDJR dealer for some maintenance. FCAUSA pays for the first four oil changes and I mentioned the rear wiper issues.

Oil change and reflash of the Body Control Module for the Meepster. If it takes too long maybe they’ll give me a courtesy car. Maybe this one?


They’re playing SiriusXM Ozzy’s Boneyard at the dealer. I’ve heard Judas Priest, Metallica, and Thorogood in the past hour. They have 4 Hellcats (3 Challengers and a Charger) and 3 Scat Pack cars in the showroom.

I think they’re acknowledging their target market: 50something guys who say “hell yeah!” a lot and reminisce about working a Bad Company/Foreigner/ Night Ranger tour the summer after high school. A surprisingly high number of these dudes have done well for themselves. The others see no problem with a car payment nearly double their mortgage.

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