Calling all smart Oppo’s for a bit of collective hive wisdom. For your time:

I have a friend. This friend purchased a Kia Optima new in 2011. It looks like this.


There is an issue with the transmission case. It has cracked and we believe, based on photo evidence, that a bolt that is too long was used to secure the transmission. The bolt hit the case, causing a small thinner, weaker section that eventually fatigued into a crack.

Whether or not the bolt caused the crack is up for debate but the crack isn’t. The transmission has started leaking. Kia had a 100,000 mile warranty, and with 93K on the clock, this one just squeaks under.

Kia is denying the claim, stating that they don’t used red bolts. The bolt is undeniably painted red. They claim that since a red bolt is in place, prior transmission work must have been done. He has not ever had the transmission worked on. The bolt has never been out, so no one actually knows how long the bolt is and if it actually caused the crack.


Anyone know any back channels for getting a warranty approved? He called and did the let me talk to your boss routine and has gotten no where. Anyone drive a Optima that is willing to take a pic of the transmission to look for red bolts?


TL/DR: Red bolt bad, no new trans for you.

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