Got up early to do some back country touring. I think i am starting to get sick because I got WAAAY more worked than normal.

It was survival skiing, even though the snow was good.

Got the oil changed in the cruiser, I was a little low this time around...hmmm...and I tried to get the old badge glue off with heat, a plastic scrapper, goo off, a freakin dremmel...anything. It got a little better.


Test drove the new Sportwagen Alltrac, they say its 90 days out for manual alltracs, but they there are already 5 in the country so they are being built.

My wife really liked it, damn. It doesn’t fulfill her bigger car requirement, and doesn’t fulfill my not VW requirement but its still a front-runner.

We went to a Lincoln/Ford dealership to test drive something for more movie tickets. Its when we pulled in I realize there is nothing there that interests me at all. sure the mustang is good, and the ST models, etc, etc. but literally nothing there excites me. Boy the dealer experience sure sucked here.


We walked out to test drive an escape and he didn’t bring any keys but he pointed us to a red one to get in (expecting to drive it) and since it was unlocked we did. Then it randomly started, then all the horns started going off. Turns out another salesperson had the keys and, with her clients waiting, instead of coming to tell us they were going to drive it she just sat there pressing the panic button until we left. Not one word did she utter to us. So we wait until he brings us the keys to something else, we drive it...ho wife asks the salesman if there is a way to change the annoying bongs, clicks and beeps (Ford noises = worst noises) and we get back to find they don’t have any more gift cards right now and can we come back Monday?

The VW experience was slightly better but the guy who tried selling us the car couldn’t test drive with us (bad back) so we got overeager Tim (hahaha, thats so funny!) who knew literally nothing and talked way too much. Why can’t I test drive a car without a salesman, they didn’t even offer, at either place. Carmax did.

Anyway, long story short - VW still makes the only attractive/affordable wagon. Ford still has the worst sounds and skiing is fun.