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Was anyone else triggered by the Mclaren F1 maintenance vid on the FP?

I don’t wanna judge. Or beat the dead horse of not driving your expensive cars. But the dude is an IDIOT

I didn’t drive the car, I used it for taking my son to school

So. Why did you buy it? What were you thinking? How do you buy one of the most important cars in the world, one of the fastest and most driver-focused road cars, and be unable to be bothered to drive it?

It’s not a road car, it’s a race car

Anyone who knows the F1 story knows that this is a flat out lie. It was never intended to race, it was meant to be a pure expression of a road car. Maintenance is expensive, but it was the fastest car in the world. He mentions Ferraris, Lamborghinis, but Lamborghini never made a car this serious. How does it compare to Enzo costs? Because it’s faster, yet also much older. The costs sound similar to a Veyron, which is the only true comparison.

The tyres expire because it’s a race car

The tyres expire because tyres expire. And it matters when you can do 390km/hr. And they’re not made for durability, they’re made to go faster than any road car has ever gone.

Almost bought it, forgot about it for a year

This car is too important to forget about. If you get this close to purchasing one and you forget about it, you shouldn’t be buying one. If anyone on here came anywhere near buying one they’d never sleep again. I lost sleep when I bought my MR2 for $8k.

Sold it because maintenance was too high

He wanted to make money on this thing. Any research would have told him what the costs were, but he sold it because of the unexpected costs. Any research would suggest the car would appreciate. Even the XJ220 is appreciating and people hated that thing. Nobody hated the F1, every journalist lucky enough to drive one has sung praise.

It’s not some McLaren engine, it’s a BMW engine, it should be bulletproof

You mean like the 8-series? Which came our a few years earlier and had a V12 with less than half the power? And a reputation for maintenance so fierce, people talk about it in hushed tones?


I don’t want to do this sort of snarky bitchy post. But god I’m pissed. He bought the car for all the wrong reasons, sold it for all the wrong reasons, and he’s an idiot. How did he get so RICH?

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