I mentioned in a comment this morning that I had a dream last night of being rear ended in the Sunchaser. It almost came true.

This tire is not supposed to be stretched. It is stock size.

An asshole in a bro truck tried to pass me on the right as I was turning in to a driveway, apparently not seeing my signal. He hit me hard. The wheel feels bent, the brake caliper is screaming, and it is generally fucked up.

I drove the ‘Chaser to work this morning. The Infiniti has been with the dealer since Friday, and I picked it up this afternoon, after dropping the Toyota at home and getting a Lyft to the dealer. I could have easily decided to pick the Q70 up after work, placing the Sunchaser in the line of fire.


The conversation with my wife went like this:

ME: Somebody just hit me and took off. Fuck. Did I tell you I found those cam towers?


HER: Oh my God! Are you ok?

ME: That guy fucked up my car and took off. How the hell do people like that get a license? Oh, yeah, I had to get a new exhaust manifold for you too.


HER: Honey, I am not worried about the Cressida

ME: Shit. This guy really fucked up my car.

HER: The car is just a thing. I am just glad you were not hurt.

ME: Forget me. What if that guy had hit the Sunchaser?

Fucking hell.


HER: Your dad was in a car accident!

16 YEAR OLD SON: Oh my God! Which car?

That’s my boy.