I was thinking the other day of the funniest driving-contest I got into. Admittedly, this happened on public roads. Don't remember the time of day but I do remember it was a backwoods lonely road. I was driving "spiritedly" when I came up to the ass-end of a Toyota Prius. Now, I was going to wait for a proper place to pass but before I can reach that point the Prius started pulling away. Now, at first I thought he was just speeding up for one reason or another but quickly it became apparent he wanted to play.

Without going into too many details that may upset people, let's just say that for the next 5 miles I had a very fun back and forth with the most badass Prius driver I've ever encountered.

So, keeping in mind this is the internet and you will probably get some third-degree if you post about something too crazy, what is your most interesting spirited-driving moment? Preferably a light-hearted moment.