Was it worth 26 cents?

First time I had a prescription filled at Walmart. Last week they didn’t have it, so I had to make the 12 mile trek again today. First I had to wait in line, and when I got to the cashier and handed her the coupon I was told I needed to go to the drop off line for them to enter it. I thought I could pay for it after that was done, but no, I had to go back and wait in the regular line again. After paying for it I was then told that the pharmacist needed to bag it and consult with me on something I’ve been using for ages. All this hassle to knock 26 cents off of the price, but at least that’s $8 cheaper than Walgreens for the same thing.

And this week they did take back the unwanted merchandise that last week they said had to go back to the store where I bought it. I had to go through half a dozen cards until we found the one I used, but at least it was handled and I wasn’t fed a line of BS like they gave me last week.

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One hell of a storm today.

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