23 days. It's been 23 days since I have last seen my phone.

TL;DR: I took it in to have the screen fixed at a while-you-wait place, then they had to send it away for further repairs. While it was away, they lost a part. They have been dropping the ball every time I turn around, which has allowed it to drag out for this long.

I got a call on Friday. The tech finally found a volume button they lost for my phone, then discovered that there might be an issue with the ear speaker. Not being able to test it (since I transferred the service to another device), he ordered a new one and I'm waiting for it to come in and to be installed.


I have not heard from cooperate since I replied to them last Tuesday.

I wrote:

The tech contacted me yesterday evening, and the current status is: They will be ordering the part from eBay, and I should get my device back by Friday... possibly Monday.

I should have had received my device last week. I'm not happy.

I'm not blaming the store for failing the first repair attempt, or for having to send it to GA for further repair. I understand that complications arise, and that Spencer was optimistic regarding the initial repair. I also accepted the rise in cost from $99 to $149, since it required another, more expensive part.

My patience began to run out on Nov 19, when your store would not assist me in locating my device. My patience ran out when I learned that it has been sitting in the store for three days - missing a part.

Since last Tuesday, there has been a series of events that has turned this repair into what seems like your staff running in circles.

The lack of urgency and unwillingness to turn this mistake around quickly is unacceptable. The time to kick in the urgency was last week, not after three days of ignoring my requests for an update, not after my contacting cooperate, and not after an additional four days of deciding where to source the part.

I would have never set foot in one of your stores If I knew that there was a possibility that a job could be managed so poorly. I had heard good things about your on site repairs, and has even recommended it to others.

Please get this turned around quickly and give a reason to recommend your stores again.


Did they really need to replace the speaker, or did our boy drop the ball again, and is making shit up.


If it's ready, I'm curious how they were able to pull a ear speaker out of their ass in two days, when it took them 10 to find a volume button.

I'm also curious why I'm getting more replies from the kids managing their social media.