If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

Was stuck behind a lane camper in a Maserati on I-405.

Would you believe it?

Eventually, I managed to pass him when a new left lane opened up. I was on my way home from Olympia after visiting with my Dad. I’ve driven close to 200 miles in one day, which was a good exercise in preparation for the road trip to Castle Rock (the start point of the PNW Oppo Cruise).

Though I was concerned. I heard some VERY loud bangs when I was driving through Thurston and Pierce Counties, but my car hasn’t changed in behavior. I’m wondering if something broke, or if it was just a rock that hit the underside.


Either way, going to schedule a quick inspection at Stew’s the day before the road trip as part of my preparations.

Here’s a song to make up for the lack of any pictures.

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