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Washed and waxed the 6 today. Some iPhone 7 Plus photos.

I was off work today, so I did a final wash and wax of the 6 before winter sets in. It’s not a perfect job, but I secretly hate detailing cars. I just enjoy the finished product.


The iPhone 7 Plus has “Portrait Mode.” It’s interesting, but it’s more of a gimmick than anything else. It uses software within the camera to blur backgrounds and come off like an SLR shot. Kinja will probably murder the quality of these, so check my Google Drive link for better quality.


The 6 is just over a year old and has 12,400 miles. The CX-5 is four-years-old (built October 2012 as an early 2013 model) and is about to crack 40,000 miles. It was marginally clean today, so I grabbed a photo of it, too. And holy hell, this thing is full of scratches. Sigh. Parking lots suck. Hence why the 6 always gets parked like a mile away. It annoys my wife to no end but I’d rather not have a mass of dings and scratches. Of course, we end up usually driving the CX-5 everywhere because of that.


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