Washed + removed some scratches and some questions about minor dent repair

Came out pretty clean, used some Turtle rubbing compound to remove the scratches on the truck thanks to work parking lot... then used turtle wax


came out quite clean

dat ass


now for the dings, these small ones were from the time my sisters borrowed the truck to go biking at a park nearby and they dropped one of the bikes, I don’t know what they were doing


and this one, from that time some jerk punched my truck. I went to a local body repair shop and I should’ve known they were going to be expensive when I saw the BMWs. They were at least professional and I just asked for a quote. The guy showed me how they ensure they get the correct paints, showed me their large spray booth, a couple examples of their work on a just repaired Audi TT and BMW 5 series (no joke, couldn’t tell they were fixed). The quote was over $2,000 which I’m obviously not going to do but he also told me they would replace the tailgate, badges, etc. and they don’t use tape or Bondo or “any of that metal filling crap.”

Best way to remove these suckers, preferably for 1/10th of that price?

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