It wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops, though.

As I was going around to pre-rinse, I heard a *crack* and found this brand-new line going more or less straight up my windshield. Must have been from the shock of cold water against the hot car? I dunno, I’ve washed it on hotter days than this without issue.

The rest of the car still looks pretty good for being 22 years old (if you stand far enough away from it haha).


The paint’s more faded than it looks in the pictures though. Hiding inside places like the door jambs are remnants of unmolested Laser Red. I got another glimpse of that gorgeous color as I replaced my old license plate:

Eh, I guess it doesn’t show up very well in this shot.

Someday I’d like to get it re-sprayed. As it stands right now, it’s more like “Laser Pink”, especially in the bright midday light...