Washed & waxed

Time to say goodbye to that wheel gap

Appointment set for next Wednesday at a local performance shop to install coilovers, sway bars, endlinks, replace every single bushing on the car, and then once I get tires in a couple weeks.... Custom alignment!


Oh and we’re considering building the engine up to a 9k rpm naturally aspirated screamer with a decent boost in power... Or a high boost turbo application. Then again I still have a Honda v6 sitting in my friends garage.... Oh and the shop has an mk4 Supra mill sitting around taking up space... I talked to the owner of the place about all of it, and he seemed just as excited as me to do something crazy. Probably spent a good two hours outside talking about build plans, seeing his cars, hearing about the big projects going on, etc... I think I finally found “the shop”.

Anyways, say goodbye to 4x4 mode (Aka stock ride height). The Xidas will make for a substantial drop in ride height.

Since we’ll have the same suspension setup/wheel size, and his car rides like an absolute dream, I just went with Adam’s specs. So something like this


Just, you know. Minus all the sexyness that is Sharka

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