So this past weekend I broke out my power washer ready to try out my new foam cannon and wash some cars! There are currently 6 at my home in various points of cleanliness.

It’s an Excell EXHP2630 - 2600 psi pressure washer.

No idea why it’s upside down. KINJA’D!

I have had this pressure washer for at least 7 years, probably closer to 10.

The engine has started every year except one, after having the carb rebuilt it worked fine.

So I pull it out hook everything up, start it up and it runs fine for about 30 seconds and dies. I look into the gas tank and it’s empty. I fill it up and start it again, runs for about 30 seconds and dies again. I repeat this process about 5 more times and then it will not start without adding something combustible to the carb. I decide to start investigating around, pull the oil dipstick out and it looks like someone has put a hose into the crankcase as it’s full of blackish liquid that it only takes me a second or two to figure out it is gas. Apparently last fall I forgot to shut off the fuel line and through the winter all that gas has seeped past the needle valves and into the pistons, by the rings and into the crankcase.

I disposed of all the fluid in the crankcase(don’t ask) and am now waiting on a new carb to replace that one so that I can perform 2 or 3 oil changes on it when I get it running again. I will buy a rebuild kit for the existing carb so that I will have a spare as well.


Small engines/carbs are not rocket science, wrenching is wrenching.

Good fun!

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