So you guys may remember a few days ago I posted hoping to find a way to recover this random E30 owner's phone number from my phone. If you missed it, I got his number from my online Tmobile account records easily. Tuesday the guy texted me and said he found a truck he wanted and was willing to sell the car for 2800 instead of 3500 but I would have to fix the few problems. It needed a center support bearing badly, at least one new strut, a gauge cluster battery (right side of cluster was inactive) new shifter bushings and it had no power steering fluid in the system. But the paint was redone (needed buffing) and the interior had been reupholstered and was very nice. ALL the parts it needed were new in baggies in the trunk ready to be installed which was a big bonus. I had my buddy drive it who has had a couple E30s and he told me absolutely buy it because it was one of the cleanest he had seen. I had been told by my step mom I could have a loan for 2800 to be repaid when I fix and sell my mom's 92 Eclipse (it's reaallly clean, want it??). Well after driving the car and wasting this kid's time two hours later my dad says I can't buy it because it doesn't have air bags. And that was it. I missed out on a super rare (around these parts) car that only needed a little work to be mint and my first fun car. So when I graduate from engineering school in December I'll buy whatever I want and it might not have an airbag. Do you think he will take me to court over it?