It looks like a knockoff Comanche made in North Korea for military use.

$8950. That’s eight thousand, nine hundred and fifty United States dollars. For a vehicle designed in the 1980s by the dynamic combination of Renault, the only French car company that hasn’t gone bankrupt or receive a bailout from the French government (a legion of old men and hookers), and AMC, which I firmly believe went bankrupt in 1974 and was kept alive so Spiro Agnew had something to do besides let the public know about the Richard Nixon’s affair with Billy Joel.

This . . . . thing was based on a soccer mommy mobile with the ass end lobbed off so they could add a pickup butt to it and a thin lining of Home Depot sheet metal pop -riveted to the cab section. One day, someone decided that “It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t- MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOABBBBBBSSSSSSSSSS” was a valid excuse for lobbing the front end off of their truck and creating a replica of the WJ Cherokee front end, widely considered to one of Jeep’s worst creations and Jeep version of the Dodge Neon. This resulted in a half -assed fugly looking pile that is Ryan Lochte if he was a vehicle. And of course it’s on CL.


Also, it’s “TRAIL RATED BRO.”