You may be aware that the Goodwood Revival wrapped up this weekend and was a superb outlet to vicariously fulfill your vintage race car fantasies. But don’t forget that two wheels are also good so be amazed at Troy Corser‘s skills as he flogs a pre-war BMW around the Goodwood circuit.

Despite the poor weather, a few laps were to be had by a handful of nutjobs who were willing to take these old motorbikes to their limit. Corser does the old girl a favor and gave her the best laps of her life until she give up the ghost.

Corser seems to give zero fucks as he whips his ride through the hairpin, clips the apex using every bit of the track nearly cutting the grass while dragging his knee.

Battling a series of tank slappers he fights for control of the bike and takes the fastest lap of the day by a margin of .5 seconds. That is, until the 1935 BMW decides to stop running. A lap time of 1:37.369 put Corser on the pole with some unbelievable riding on an 80 motorcycle.


As the weekend progressed, the weather deteriorated but that didn’t change Corser’s riding style. He continued to push another running vintage BMW right to the limits. Watch below to see a massive puddle end the race for Corser in a spectacular wipeout.