UPDATE: The original YouTube clip was killed by Viacom.

In the 240th episode of South Park, titled World War Zimmerman, South Park's lovable fat boy, Eric Cartman, armed with a handgun and a Five O'clock shadow, jumps in front of a Tesla Model S and forces the driver, a scared white suburban mom, to take him to the airport.

Eric screams, "Hit the gas!" He then pauses and says, "Oh, shit. This is a Tesla, isn't it. Well hit the prissy pedal then!"

I can only assume that Tesla signed off on the use of it's name/vehicle in this episode.

Which begs the question - is South Park the target market for the Model S?

While this product placement might seem strange at first, it does make sense when you consider that the cartoon scores well with males between the ages of 18-34, airs late at night and in the past has highlighted iconic products like World of Warcraft and Cheesy Poofs.


Combine all those and something becomes abundantly clear: South Park is written for young male engineers who stay up late, eat snack foods, play WoW and buy Teslas, as I learned after meeting a handful of owners.

Given the facts this placement makes perfect sense. Well done, Tesla.

H/T to Michelle Naranjo, Editor-in-Chief at Autobytel.