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Good afternoon, everyone, hope you’re well.

I just picked up two watches in an antiques shop in Bellefonte. They’re digital watches, from the 80s, I think. One is a Texas Instruments, the other is an Armitron. Neither of them work; the Texas Instruments watch is missing its battery, and the Armitron one had some corrosion around the battery terminal.


Both watches. I doubt the bands are original. Neither bands look right, and the one on the Armitron doesn’t fit properly.

The armitron


Here’s the inside of the Armitron. It looks to be in good shape, with the exception of the corrosion around the battery terminal.


Closeup on the Texas Instruments watch.


The inside of the Texas Instruments watch isn’t as clean overall. It was missing a battery, but the terminal is clean.

I know some watch enthusiasts make Oppo their home, so any resources you could suggest about cleaning/repairing watches like these would be greatly appreciated.

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